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Spam bot for sending messages in Discord

Spam in Discord is one of the ways of server promotion and business advancement in a messenger that gains popularity. There are quite a few spam programs for other sites, whereas it’s not that optimistic for the Discord right now. Developers are scared by complex realization and high level security; however, some managed to create a multi-functional spam bot for Discord. The software under consideration has a great collection of working functions that will be more than enough to promote your site, server, store, goods, and business affiliate links. But let’s start from the beginning.

Official site of Discord Spammer (Site and software have English version)

Discord mass messaging bot

Sending direct messages with this Discord spam bot is multi-threaded, it allows attaching files, comply with the limits, alternate accounts during work time, add a user to your friends list to gain more trust. There’s an option of randomizing text and editing text while sending messages. It enables an option to correct your messages in case something goes wrong, not having to stop the process. Built-in blacklist prevents a message from being sent few times to the same person. These options for mass direct messaging will protect you from being banned in Discord and deliver maximum amount of messages to the users. You can send messages to users and servers in Discord. Sending direct mass messages helps to get more real followers for your discord server.

Discord account generator

New discord accounts will be created automatically if you don’t have ones already. Discord spam bot is capable of running 50 threads simultaneously and your device will easily handle it. Phone and mail verification, solving Captcha and uploading avatars are done autonomously and you don’t participate at all. As a result you have perfect accounts appropriate for mass direct messages sending in Discord.

Boosting your discord server

As stated above, spammer has account generator that will generate accounts, upload their avatars and create content. Work speed is lightning fast; you are going to have one hundred accounts in less than an hour. Afterwards just add these bots to your server and boost it. You will be able to provide a service of server boosting using your bots. You boost the server by adding new members, and people pay you money. Such boosting in Discord brings good income.

Inviting to your server

It’s a great way to boost your discord server and send mass direct messages to the users. It’s going to help you increase the amount of members of your discord server.

Parsing in Discord

Quickly pick up information about target audience from any server with various filters: status (online, away, do not disturb, offline), device (Web, Mobile, Desktop), activity, voice chat member, public server filters, specific roles and default avatars verification, date of joining the server, members' registration date. After parsing is done there’s a list with results for you to edit as you wish. This will help you search only active users and will make your mass direct messages in discord way more effective.

Automated answers - chat bot for Discord

It’s a useful feature for any type of program as it helps to reach out and convert the users. Answering bot will respond to the messages using your script and create total impression of communicating with a real person. To be short, it’s a final stage of your discord mailing — answering questions and getting what you want from a client. The spam bot for Discord works with multiple accounts, has high work speed, supports http(s)/socks proxy (here is a list of recommended proxy servers for Discord), there are several color schemes, flexible settings and built-in documentation. This spammer for Discord is a great assistant to boost your Discord server, and also your groups, sites, stores, business and goods among Discord users, the bot works extremely fast and without your participation. 

Useful link

Telegram spam bot: send mass messages

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