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Telegram spammer: send mass messages in Telegram

Spam is an effective way of boosting your telegram channel or business, advertising your stores, sites or affiliate links. Telegram is quickly developing and attracting great amount of users. It’s becoming profitable to have your own channels. Management policy of telegram channels is very loyal. The channel will only get banned in case of validated violations of law; I hope you don’t do that. Telegram is open and friendly for all kinds of other directions. As you have noticed a while ago, all Instagram pages and news sites now have channels in telegram and bring their audience along because it’s an additional source of monetization and backup place to get new followers. The amount of the followers is incredible which shows that there are people in Telegram. A lot of people. As your goal is spamming in telegram, each user is a potential follower, client, site visitor or an aliffate program referral. All you have to do is organize sending target messages in Telegram. You will be able to do it with the help of automated spam bot for Telegram that does everything and even more.

Official site of Telegram Spammer (free trial period)

Account registration bot for Telegram

What do you need for sending messages in Telegram? Correct, you need to create accounts. Otherwise, your only option would be to send mass messages using telepathy and it’s not possible. The software provides an opportunity to register accounts and also fill in profiles and upload avatars. Telegram spammer works with all types of accounts including ones you have already registered or bought (in case you don’t want to register new ones).

Send mass messages in Telegram

The spam bot for Telegram will take on all ad delivery concerns. Program work speed for mass messaging in Telegram is approximately 300 messages per minute, including ability to attach files. There is an option of sending text messages to individual users as well as to chats and groups. In order to minimize risk of banning your accounts the program adheres to specified limits, supports usage of proxy servers and makes sure a user doesn’t receive two identical messages.

Telegram parser

Parsing users will collect and filter needed audience for sending target messages in Telegram. If you have phone number database just upload it and the software will search people who have Telegram accounts. Collect only quality target audience.

Increasing subscribers and views in Telegram using your bot accounts

Have you created a channel and want to promote it? You can add new subscribers and get post views to become trustworthy for your target audience and invited users and make them want to subscribe to your channel. Moderate amount of new followers is as effective for Telegram as for any other social network. Do you not want to have a channel? You are welcome to use Telegram spam bot to create your own account database and make money by providing service of views and subscription to other users. Tens of thousands of people are looking for bots for boosting views and subscribers in Telegram every month. Their amount is going to increase further which guarantees you won’t stay without clients.

Invite Telegram bot

Inviting bot for Telegram will boost your channel by sending invite to users. Are you still looking for real subscribers? They are already here! In addition you can use this multi-functional Telegram spammer to boost views and subscribers. As you remember the software can register accounts. Just create your own bots database and reasonably improve your channel’s rates to gain advantage. It’s allowed to get paid for helping other channels promote themselves. Many people are willing to give good money for boosting. Sending messages in Telegram is effective like in any other place but always remember about proxies and creative texts. They will secure you from being banned for commercial spamming and increase amount of visitors on your site.

Answer Telegram bot

Answer bot for Telegram gives automated answers to your potential clients. It’s a good idea if you’re not seasoned in mass messaging. Then you can start a dialogue, get an answer from other user and send a message with your target commercial and a link. It’s the safest way of spamming in Telegram.

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Spam bot for sending mass messages to Discord

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